Thursday, December 28, 2006


"Discipline" that is I usually hear in some master in martial arts. But this word is abuse not only by the masters of martial arts but also in their students. Base on my experience and observation and some research the most important as a martial artist is patient and discipline, if you have this two and you use it in a right way then you will called a master because you used what you have learned in martial arts. When I was a student of martial arts I usually put in my mind that discipline is one of the must important in martial arts. I can say discipline is one of the most important because it brings you comfortable and they will respect you, not because you know about martial arts but it is because you know how to respect the people around you. To the student of martial arts always put in your mind that discipline is most of the important in martial arts. Used it wisely and you feel comfortable in your self.

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Anonymous said...

yes! its true.. discipline is very important in learning martial arts. im also a student before in Combat Judo Karate. my sensie always remind us about discipline... shows repect to other people and use martials arts in good wayand not the other way around. always be humble and never starts a fight.. learn to be calm and patient.. and be peaceful..