Saturday, January 19, 2008

Martial Arts Graduation

Hallo guys..Long time no post in this blog for almost 6 months now.. But now here I am to update this blog and to share to you about the letter that I receive last week where in I was invited to the graduation of one of the martial arts organization somewhere in bukidnon. They invite me as one of the person who make an exhibition during the graduation and also to share my experience in martial arts and to give some inspirational talk to the newly graduates. The Martial Art organization who I'm talking about is the Mindanao Combat Judo Karate or the (MCJK) formally know as MIJUKA or Mindanao Judo Karate. They invite me because I'm one of there pioneering students and also to represent our chapter. Together with me is our Chief Investigator who is came from cagayan de Oro City. The MCJK is about 15 years in services, the organization also is one of the allied of the contra forced and also in military.So I'm looking forward to this graduation and I'm so exited to meet the new member to MCJK and to meet some people in that graduation day.

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