Monday, September 11, 2006

1st Mindanao All Women’s Teakwondo Championships

We know that martial arts are one of the biggest sports all over the world. Many young people although adult people have become enthusiast in the world of martial arts. There are many kinds of martial arts group now a day or some karate organizations, but the most and popular martial arts that known today is the taekwondo.

The Cagayan de Oro Taekwondo club held their 1st Mindanao All Women’s Teakwondo Championships at SM cagayan de oro last September 9, 2006. This event hosted by the kagayan taekwondo Jang. There are different taekwondo club from different places who joined, the places joined in that competition are Zamboanga City, Butuan City, Coatabato, Bukidnon, Iligan and our very own teakwondo club the Cagayan de oro. One of the aims of the competition is to develop the talent and skills of the young athletes and to show the sportsmanship of the tournament. The winner of the competitions will receive a medal and trophy. There are many new faces and new young athletes who joined in that event, if you observe their face you can see the nervous and tension during the fight. But as a fighter of the martial arts you must face the challenge of your self. The only thing that I observe and witness is that now a day’s woman shows their interest in martial arts and to become also a competitive athlete. Not like before that only men would like to learn martial arts but now as the generation pass by women have become enthusiast in martial arts. Because they could say that martial arts is not only a self-defense but it become you also physically feat and healthy.

This the 1st Mindanao All Women’s Teakwondo Championships at SM cagayan de oro last September 9, 2006. In this compittion you can the old and new faces who joined this event.

This the Fight between Zamboangga City and Butuan City.

The blue armor is the zamboangga while the butuan is a red armor.

This fight is between Cagayan de oro and Butuan.

This is fight 60 in the tournament between cdo and butuan city.

This is fight 64 between cotabato and zamboangga city.

Fight 66 in the tournament.

The athlete warm-up before her next fight in the tournament.

Captured by:Lawrence

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Anonymous said...

hellow! i was there sa 1st mindanao all womens sa SM. na curious lng ko why u made a write up? are u a tkd jin also?
we will be having our Regional All Womens this coming may 20 at st. marys school. maybe u would wana watch and cover it also?

hope u cud email me -