Thursday, September 28, 2006

Arnis and Kickboxing Tournament

I don’t have picture in this post because it is accidentally that I’ve been there and I’m not prepared because I did not expect that I could watch a tournament of Martial Arts. The event that I’ve witness is a Martial Arts event, which held at macasandig last September 28, 2006 Cagayan de oro City. This is another event that I’ve been witness and to give my self more confident every time I saw a tournament like this. The title of the event is 1st Fiesta Cup 2006 Arnis and Kickboxing Tournament. That was not my first time to watch a tournament, but this tournament, I can say that I feel excite because most of the participants are good and some of them act like a young professional martial artist athletes. The event joining by different clubs there is Taekwondo, which is popular today, the Arnis club of Bulua, the SIKARAN of talakag bukidnon and the sanshou of axis gym cagayan de Oro chapter, which is also the organizer of the event. There are seniors and founders who watch in this event and some of them are our nation team player. Some rules of the tournament are, punching, any kind of punching as long they don’t hate below the belt and the adams apple. Any kind of kicking, the frontal kick, side kick, axe kick, turning king, jumping turning kick. This rules was introduce by the sanshou axis gym head instructor. The first three (3) fights have three (3) rounds each while the major event has four (4) rounds each until to the championship round of the event. This event is cool and especially to those people out there who plan to learn Martial Arts. So to those people who are fanatic of Martial Arts stay in this blog. Sorry for I don’t have picture in this event.

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