Saturday, September 02, 2006

The Martial Arts or karate for me!

As what I observed in the world of martial arts or in the world of karate it is a big help to the people who learn this kind of activity. To learn martial arts is not easy because you must learn how to suffer and to accept the challenges that you will be encounter in your training. To learn karate you must need self-discipline and to train you’re self as a professional. In karate you need focus or you need a concentration so that you can easily get the technique or the demonstration of your instructor. Some people want to learn in martial arts because they want that he/she can protect their selves although they don’t have a weapon. In martial arts the only weapon that you have is your empty hand. But some people want to learn karate is because they want other people to praise them and they bather the innocent people who have a normal life. For me as an instructor/student the use of karate is only a self-defense and to protect all the people that you love not just that you use the karate for your own good or to make a bad intension to others. Remember that if you have goal into your self you must accept the trail and challenges into your life and you must respect the right of others if you want to be respect. The best self-defense is to “RUN”, you can use the karate as your last defense if you don’t have any way to be run. The one thing to be remembered doesn’t underestimate other people by there physical appearance.

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